12 hole ceramic ocarina "Chaska"


Handcrafted in high-grade ceramic with attention to detail by Sakura Wayta, This ocarina has exquisite breath response and crystal clear tone. From its ethereal design to impressive range and sound, this ocarina is true joy to play!

- 12-hole ceramic ocarina "Chaska"
- About 6.5 inches long
- Accurately tuned in C major
- Pitch range from A4 to F6, including sharps and flats
- Handcrafted from high-grade ceramic matte enamel

Accessories included:

- Bag cloth
- DVD Tutorial
- Fingering chart booklet

Shipping Worldwide from Peru: $24 (Priority Mail International, delivery within 12 to 15 days, package tracking provided)

ships out within 15 days
edition of 4 

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